Current Hours of Operation: OPEN Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 9am-5:00pm (Weather Permitting)
Winter Season (Sunday before Thanksgiving through April) - OPEN DAILY 9am - 5:00pm
Monster Truck Tours Only Run on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

The Ultimate Ostrich Interaction Interact with more Animal Friends Step into the Lorikeet Forest Picaho Peak Monster Truck Tours




Voted One of the Best Roadside Attractions in America!
    Interact with more Animal Friends  

Check out the Hole in the Wall Gang. These Boer Goats from South Africa are a favorite for all. You can even get a goat kiss if you want!


The Fallow Deer love to eat feed right out of your hand. They are so gentle and loving even the youngest pilgrims can feed them.


With less than 10,000 Miniature Sicilian Donkeys left in the world, this is a great place to come scratch a really big ear. Chances are you will even get to see a fuzzy donkey baby!


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