Current Hours of Operation: OPEN Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 9am-5:00pm (Weather Permitting)
Winter Season (Sunday before Thanksgiving through April) - OPEN DAILY 9am - 5:00pm
Monster Truck Tours Only Run on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

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Voted One of the Best Roadside Attractions in America!
"My family and I visited the ranch the first of January. I'm thirteen and had a blast, the whole group did! Feeding the lorikeets was probably my favorite part of the visit, it's amazing to stand in a room filled with beautiful birds and have them perch all over you and eat nectar from a cup in your hands. The monster truck tour was totally awesome!!! I learned so much about Arizona…plus the jumps were just…sweet. I also really liked the ostriches themselves, and feeding the deer, goats, and donkeys was quite an experience. I've come to Arizona a few times and honestly Rooster Cogburn's was the most fun I've had in the state!!!!"
  - Maia Gibson

"We'll see ya on Monday!! On a trip down to Tombstone and stopping by!! Love your place!!"
  - La Sucia Susie

"Hi Lucille! I was there at the ranch a few weeks ago with my husband and brother-in-law. I'm the toe reader. I just wanted to write and thank you SOOOO much for the ostrich oil! You were spot on about it helping with Acid Reflux!!!! I haven't found anything that works as well AND costs so little!! Thanks again!!"
  - Holly Hakes Petersen

"We visited the ranch on May 1st 2010 and had such a great time! The people were friendly and we all learned a lot about the ostrich as well as a little bit about the AZ dessert. The moster truck ride was the highlight of the trip! I forgot the name of the lady that drove but she was so much fun and great to talk with. Oh, and thanks to the guy who helped in retrieving my hat from the curious ostrich that snatched it! =0) I would like more information on where I could purchase ostrich products from. If you sell to the public other things that you don't offer in your store or if you can recommend a trustworthy source for things like meat, eggs, and leather products. Thanks again! I cannot stop talking about your ranch so look for some customers that will tell you Wild Bill sent us!"
  - Bill Littlejohn

"What an amazing time my children and I had at the ranch! No matter your age, young or old, your visit will be unforgettable. I have a 3 year old and a 16 year old and they both had a blast. The monster truck tour was not only fun, but the kids and I learned a lot about the Arizona desert and the animals on the ranch."
  - Marlies of Meza, AZ

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