How long does it take?

The feeding area is go at your own pace but the average amount of time is 45 minutes.

What days and hours are you open? (Weather permitting)

    • From November 16th through April 30th we are open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm except closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

  • From May 1st – September 30th we are Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Sizzlin Summer hours from 8 am – 2 pm.
  • From October 1st – November 15th we are open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  Hours vary.  9 am – 5 pm.

Is it just Ostrich you feed?

No, we have a wide variety of animals in fun settings for everyone to have a hands-on experience with. We have Miniature Donkey, Fallow Deer, Boer Goats, Ostrich, Parakeets, St. Croix Sheep, Dwarf Goats, Bunnies, Pekin Ducks, Rainbow Lorikeets, Red Headed Diving Ducks, and Cownose Stingray.

Do you have any military, senior or group discounts?

We have already incorporated all discounts into the package pricing to ensure we keep our prices affordable for everyone.

What if I don’t want to feed, I just want to look?

There is an admission to enter the feeding area for everyone 6 & over and it does include a feed for all the different animals.  You can look at animals at the zoo but here we want you to experience it!   Think of this place as a petting zoo on steroids.

How much does it cost?

We have big kids and little kids here.  Everyone 6 & over is a big kid and pays admission for the feeding area.  It is $12 and that includes all the critter feed or $15 also includes Stingray food.  Kids 5 & under are free and you can share your food with them or purchase them their own for $6.

Can we bring in our own food and drinks?

You are welcome to bring in food and drinks for yourself but not for the animals.

Do you have an area where we can eat lunch?

We do not serve food here but we have a large indoor area with picnic tables where you can bring food to enjoy. We also have vending machines with snacks and drinks available for purchase.

Do you have Birthday Party packages?

We do not have party packages, however, if you would like to host a party here, we welcome it! Prices are the same as for regular guests. We have picnic tables in an indoor area where you can set up anything special you would like. We also have a refrigerator that you can use to store a cake or snacks if needed. We ask for a call to give us a heads up just so we are expecting you.

We will reserve you the number of tables based on the number of participants you have for 2 hours. (During March you would be limited to 1.5 hours).  We ask that you keep your group at the tables reserved.  Please plan on doing food, cake, and presents BEFORE you all go in to feed the critters.  After the food, cake, and presents…please clean off your tables completely so that we can free up those tables for other guests.

Do you have restrooms?

Yes, including a family restroom with a changing station, and all are handicap accessible.

When are Ostrich eating eggs available?

Ostrich typically lay eggs between January and July here in Arizona. However, we do hatch chicks during this time frame so eating eggs are not frequently available. If we do have some, they would be available starting February thru July.

Can you ride an ostrich?

Not here! They are really fast and really dumb… that’s a bad combination!

Why Stingrays?

Let’s face it – there really isn’t Ocean Front Property in Arizona so us desert dwellers can experience one of the most docile ocean critters right here. Besides, they are just really cool!

What time is Stingray Feeding?

Our stingray feeding goes on constantly throughout the day so you don’t have to worry about the timing. Enjoy feeding when you make your way to Stingray Bay. (Remove: This also means… the day.) We have the friendliest rays around!!!

Can we bring pets to the ostrich ranch?

We do not allow outside animals into the feeding area, including Service Animals.  It is not safe for your animal or ours.  Some animals will run away and some will charge the fence. So sorry, but no outside animals in feeding area.  They are welcome in the picnic area and store.

Do you sell ostrich meat?

We have Ostrich jerky but do not sell any fresh meat.

Are you handicap accessible?

The entire facility is handicap accessible including our restrooms.